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Concert Review

15895963_10155236123310101_4085616870405431935_oFantastic review of last nights concert from the Danish Music Blog Klassisk ifølge Sørensen:

“This version [Schoenberg/Steuermann] is not heard so often, there are however some excellent recordings of it. But I dare say that I have never heard it better played than with Trio Nord! The three outstanding musicians sat close together on stage, and the result was a warm and dense sound. One sensed how they really managed to listen to each other, and their unrivaled musicianship made the concert an immense experience.”

Full review (in Danish) here.

Masterclasses 2017


All masterclasses for 2017 now updated in schedule section of this website!

Romanian Young Musicians Academy

Following a masterclass given at the national radio and tv house in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Jacob has been invited to be the cello professor at the Romanian Young Musicians Academy summer session in the Apuseni Mountains in Transylvania from 11-17 September 2017.


Review in The Strad Korea


Review from concert in Seoul, Korea

“Jacob Shaw presented an unforgettable moment to Korean audience…. The place was full of gorgeous voice of cello. Sometimes the voice was very sharp and strong like it went through my heart, and sometimes the soft melodies just melted my heart.
Jacob and his pianist, David Lau Magnussen opened the concert with Arvo Pärt ‘Fratres’. It sounded very calm, but also gave a strong color. The following piece was Brahms Sonata Op.38. It usually plays in the big concert hall, but Jacob and David showed a beauty of this smaller venue with the piece. The venue didn’t matter to them and to audience: It was rather much better for presenting a rich sound. All the details of expression and emotions came across to the audience. I could tell everything he wanted to present through the music was successfully delivered. Jacob Shaw’s performance will remain as a very special and memorable moment in many audience’s minds.”

(Mira Lee – Editor / The Strad Korea / March 2016)