Radical Classic

Jacob passionately believes that something needs to be done to bring audiences into classical music without “dumbing down” or giving false impressions of real classical music.

His Radical Classic project introduces classical music to new, culturally diverse demographics. The continued success of this project in different cities across the world engages new audiences into the world of classical music whilst raising the profile of this genre to a wider public, as well as developing a generation of new listeners.



The premise of the concert is to transform a concert hall into a nightclub/lounge with a mixologist, lights, dance floor, and other stimulating elements. Throughout the evening there will be numerous “sets” with classical music performances ranging from 3-6 minutes (for example Haydn, Mozart, and Bach) as well as more “modern” pieces including Cage, Adams, and Xenakis. Works by living composers such as Nico Muhly, Sofia Gubaidulina and others also play a key role.

During the interludes between these sets, “regular” dance music is played with DJs very subtly mixing in the classical works that are about to be performed by Jacob so that the public may not be aware that they shall subconsciously recognize the pieces that are about to be performed “live”. The project can be tailored to include local musicians/composers or be presented with guest artists.

Ideal result of the evening? The attendees shall feel invigorated, hear “classical” music and discover that it is neither intimidating nor boring; that we, as classical musicians, are approachable, regular people that love all styles of music.

It shall encourage new audiences to enter the concert halls and enjoy a more “standard” concert with artists they already know and have come into contact with in a more relaxed environment.